Military/Uniformed Services Discount

3GN UK (3Gun Nation UK Ltd) is predominantly made up of ex military and as such we feel that giving back is something we had to do rather then felt obliged to do.

Our forces, NHS and other uniformed services fight hard daily to do their job and protect us, be it in the mountains of Afghanistan or on the streets of the United Kingdom. We at 3GN UK cannot thank them enough for all their hard work, their long hours and in some cases the thankless tasks they carry out in our name to protect us.

So as a company we would like to offer anyone in the following uniformed services a 10% discount off ANY of our own branded products. In an ideal world we’d love to offer it off everything, but sadly as a small company just starting out, on other brands the mark up just isn’t there to allow us. Over time as we grow we hope to also grow the range of discounts on offer.

Armed Forces


Fire Service

Police Service

As long as you are employed by one of the UK services listed then you are eligible.. So how do you receive your discount?

Discount FAQ’s

Q: How do I benefit from the armed/Uniformed services discount?

A: You will need to provide one of the following proofs via email to

A scan of your MOD 90, NHS, Police, or Fire Service ID cards. For Veterans you need to provide your dates of service, regiment and service number. We will then validate your credentials and send you a One time use 10% discount code.

Q: What can I use the code to purchase?

A: You can use the code to purchase all 3 Gun Nation manufactured products. Unfortunately the code cannot be used to purchase other brands we stock as we try to price those items as competitively as possible.

Q: What do you do with my data once I have my code?

A: As soon as we validate your information and generate your code, we securely delete any record of your ID. However, we do retain a unique reference number against your email address so that you do not need to revalidate if you require another one time use discount code in the future.

Q: Can I buy multiples of the same item?

A: The short answer is yes.. We don’t mind you ordering say two MagSwells at a time, but if you are ordering more than that or request another code to buy more in the future we will ask why. Although we don’t mind one additional product for a mate, we don’t feel it’s in the spirit of the discount and its purpose to be ordering more. We realise, as shooters ourselves, you may have a need for say five BUMPZ or SHOKZ, so just let us know in advance when requesting a code.

Q: Can someone else use my code?

A: No.. The code will be checked when used against the name of the person it was issued to, this is for several reasons but mainly to stop fraud and to keep to the spirit of what the discount represents, our thanks to our uniformed services. Please do not abuse it.