GSG/Sig Sauer 1911 +3 Extended Base


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Another concept that’s far from unique in the industry but ours combine a twist never before seen on extended bases. Our +3 bases alone increase a standard 1911 LBP magazine from 10 rounds to 13, combined with our +3 follower and you have 16 rounds per magazine even with a standard magazine spring. With older springs we have even managed to fit 17 in easily enough.

Made from a 3D printed Nylon material designed with extra stiffness, Ideal for metal replacement. It can withstand oils, electricity, high and low temperatures, and pressure, this is not a cheap PLA as used by others or hobbyists.

On the bottom of the base you’ll notice 2 threaded inserts, this is designed so our extended base can accommodate our unique BUMPZ™ system to add further protection for your magazines when dropped. Another first in the industry by 3GN UK.

*If your slide doesn’t hold open on the last round, then it’s probably your catch wearing not the magazine spring. On a new pistol the last round hold-open still works with these bases and standard factory magazine spring.

**Our +3 bases are NOT designed to be dropped from height without our BUMPZ™ attached. Doing so can result in failures and damage to the +3 base. They are also only designed for standard competition surfaces such as gravel, soil and grassed areas, and NOT directly on to solid concrete.


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