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Trouble extracting spent brass from your 15-22? Although an excellent rifle, I know I shoot one myself! The 15-22 does sometimes suffer from extraction issues with certain rounds.

Volquartsens Exact Edge Extractor for the Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22 was designed to be an upgrade on the standard extractor, in reality it’s better than that. The replacement extractor was manufactured through an EDM process to provide exact tolerances. The geometry has been changed to provide a positive ejection time after time.

One of the changes was to move the hook .015” closer to the rim and changing the angle so that it grabs the spent case with much more precision and control. The extractor is A2 tool steel and hardened to Rc 58-60, that means this extractor will not wear out or round over after a few years of use. They are made tough to last, I’ve had mine years and it’s still going strong.


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